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A typical residential project can have many systems within in it. These can include whole house music, intercom, distributed video, networking, security, lighting control, heating and cooling systems, cameras, pool and spa control, gate control, etc.

A home automation system ties all of these systems together so you can interface with them from one point of contact. With custom programming, you can manage various kinds of equipment to make your life simpler and make your home a safer place. 

For example, custom programming can allow events to happen, based upon other events. 

A fire code from the alarm system can cause the home automation system to tell the lighting system to flash your exterior lights so your home is easy for emergency personnel to find.

The fun of custom programming comes when you are ready to relax or entertain and pressing one button starts a whole sequence of events. For instance; the setting of lighting scenes, starting music in the appropriate rooms, and telling landscape lights to stay on late if you’re entertaining.

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